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Passion Powers Performance – Does Your Team Have It?

Your Single Biggest Advantage


Are You The Smartest Sales Person In The Room?

Is Good Enough Good Enough For You?

If Good Enough Is Good Enough For You Then You'll Never Achieve Greatness TH1

Are Your Salespeople ‘Winging It’ on the Phone?

If You're Not In Control You're Out Of Control

Creating a Winning Workplace to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Attract and Employ Top Talent

The Five W’s of Customer Service


Rise of the Machines: Competing With Robots and Other Automated Adversaries

Customer Experience Lessons From A Luxury Resort That Failed To Meet It’s Brand Promise

Being Unremarkable Is Bad for Business


Why Winners Don’t “Rise and Shine”

You Need To Shine To Rise

Eight Great Practices for Creating a Winning Team Corporate Culture

Never Doubt Committed People

Training & Performance: If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It!

If You Don't Measure

6 Essential Success Traits of Top-Performing Salespeople

Carpe Diem

Top 3 Reasons Why Phone Skills are Most Important in Sales

Phone Guy



How Fit Is Your Customer Service?


The Truth About “Born Salesman”

The Only Person

Why Your Business Needs Enthusiasts


SEARS: A Case Study On How Terrible Customer Service Can Ruin A Brand


Customer Disservice Lesson from American Airlines Seat 36F

When Your Business Fails At Customer Service

Make a Great Day!

Make a Great Day!

Top 3 Rules for Dealing with Naysayers who Discourage Your Success

Fast Moving Train To Success

How To Avoid Being Punched In The Face


4 Seldom Considered Reasons Sales/Customer Service Training Fails


Using a SWOT Analysis to Improve Sales and Customer Service Performance


Leader Lessons in Delivering World-Class Customer Service from


Put Some Zip In Your Do Da!

Put Some Zip In Your Do Da

Sell Value or Pay The Price

Sell Value or Pay The Price

Believe To Achieve

Mission Im-Possible

You Are An Example for Sales and Customer Service Performance


 Gratitude is the Best Attitude!

Are You Just Another Brick In The Wall?

Don't Just Be Another Brick In The Wall

Retail Management Success Lessons from the Failing of RadioShack


6 Resolutions for a More Successful New Year!

Commit to a Successful New Year 2016

 4 Success Lessons from the Champion New England Patriots


 Would You Buy You?

Every Day You Have A Choice To Be New & Improved

Applying Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People for Pinnacle Performance
How One Bad Customer Service Experience Can Damage Your Brand
The Spirit of Giving and Self-Less Customer Service
How to be Engaging and Memorable: A Lesson from Virgin Airways

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