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WestJet’s Christmas Miracle!

Originally posted last year but well worth seeing again…

As someone who frequents airports for travel all over North America, I can testify that there is typically not a lot to be jolly about as a customer of most airlines during the holiday season. Long lines, delays, vanishing luggage, seemingly careless employees and crowds of uptight folks are enough to make any elf feel “Bah Humbug”. 

Of course, some airlines are better at managing the customer experience than others and it’s usually far more pleasant to be a passenger on one of these ‘customer service champs’ if you can help it.  Canadian airline WestJet is one such airline and, as shown in accompanied video, their recently executed “Christmas Miracle” is nothing short of spectacular.

Without giving the ‘miracle’ away before you view the video, I must say WestJet does a remarkable job here at demonstrating the difference between a simply great customer experience (with passengers at the Hamilton International Airport) and one that goes over-and-above and is truly extraordinary (with the same passengers landing in Calgary).

Of course, CX critics will argue that the whole performance is nothing more than a marketing gimmick as true customer experience is not something that happens as an ‘event’ like this but rather throughout the company on a day-to-day basis. There is truth to that but it is also true that companies that do not have great customer-focused cultures do not even think of doing things like this – much less carry them out. 

I hope WestJet’s performance restores your faith in humanity, warms your heart and inspires you to improve your customer experiences this holiday season and beyond.

Cheers to WestJet and Happy Holidays To All!

Steve 🙂

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