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Steve Ferrante’s Pinnacle Performance Quotes

Welcome to my Pinnacle Performance Quotes! 

Here you’ll find many of my personal Pinnacle Performance quotes for your inspiration, enlightenment and high-performance achievement.

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If you want to know how to sell more than you better know why customers buy.

Most people like the idea of success far more than the reality of what it takes to achieve it.

You are an example. Whether you are a good example or not is up to you.

The true test of a business’s customer service quality is not when things are going right, but rather what is done when things go wrong.

Customers don’t want to be sold. They want to be cared for.

If serving customers exceptionally well is beneath you, then service excellence is well above you.

What you do and how you do it will determine where you’re going and how successful you will be when you get there. 

Most failures are from those who doubted they would succeed to begin with. 

When you strive for excellence in all you do, all you do will improve. 

What is worth it in the end, costs dedication and discipline in the beginning.

Average performers hope for success. High-achievers prepare for success.

There’s a BIG difference between employees that are together working and employees that are working together.

Prepare to win or prepare to lose to someone who has.

When you believe in yourself, you have the only person that truly matters on your side. 

You’re either leading the pack or watching their back.

The quality of your interactions will determine the quantity of your customers.

If you’re not thinking about better ways to serve your customers, don’t worry, your competition very likely is.

I have found that most people that complain about not making enough money are not creating the value to be paid more than they’re earning.

Employees want to know that their work make a difference, in a company that is making a difference.

If you’re only working for the weekend, you need another job.

Do it with integrity or you’ll be doing it wrong.

In every customer interaction there is a crossroads between simply satisfying needs and exceeding expectations.

A beautiful place may bring customers in but their experience is what brings them back.

A champion mindset begins long before becoming a champion.

If your company has everything but a great culture than you have everything but a great company.

When your business fails at customer service, your competition is best positioned to succeed from it. 

Product knowledge is valuable. People knowledge is invaluable.

Success is like a snowball… you have to get it going and the more you roll in the right direction the greater it gets.

If you want to attract and employ top talent you must first create an organization that top talent wants to be a part of.

If good enough is good enough for you then you’ll never achieve greatness.

Champions don’t have time to procrastinate.

Either the obstacle wins or you do.

If you’re not in control, you’re out of control.

When you look in the mirror the person responsible for your success or failure looks back. Make sure that person understands failure is not an option. 

A salesperson who sells for their own income will never be as successful as the one who sells for their customer’s outcome.

You’re on a fast moving train to success. Some people won’t get on with you. You’re going anyway.

You can’t learn anything if you already know everything.

Don’t focus on the top. Focus on each step, focus on the climb. Then one day you’ll find, you left it all behind and reached the pinnacle.

Always deliver more than expected. If all your business does is meet expectations, it will lose at least half of those satisfied customers as soon as they find a competitor that exceeds them.

If you’re doing anything other than helping your customers be as successful as they can be, you’re not nearly as successful as you could be.

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