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The Best Customer Experiences are Positively Memorable

Hi All,

Like the heading reads, the best customer experiences are positively memorable.

As an example, think you’d remember this service with a smile?

Obviously, there’s an element of danger with her steaming liquid pouring presentation. You could say the same of the fire & knives show put on by Japanese restaurant chefs… it’s all about mastering your craft and enhancing the customer experience!

For more on in importance of creating positively memorable customer experiences, read my Selling Smart article here > Five-Star Mediocrity

Make a Great Day!

Steve Customer Service and the Curious Case of the 1 Eared Giraffe

Back in May of 2013, I published this article on’s world-class customer service.

Happy to report that since then I’ve continued to frequently purchase a wide variety of items from Amazon and they have continued to provide the high quality customer care I teach and often preach about.

And that brings us to this latest example of Amazon customer service and the curious case of the 1 eared giraffe..

Seemingly out of nowhere my daughter, Ava, had an urgent need for these animal onesie pajamas. With Christmas fast-approaching, I tried to reason that we could get her this as a present. That offer was met with agonizing opposition as evidently the nearly 8 week wait for the comfort of animal sleepwear would simply be too much to bare. 

Given a selection of colorful creatures to choose from, Ava decided the giraffe would be her ideal mate so I went ahead and ordered.

Here’s the picture from

Giraffe Onesie PJ's

While most of my Amazon purchases are eligible for their Prime 2-day shipping services this product was being sent from a distributor in China and Prime was not available. 

Eagerly awaiting her cozy companion, every day for 2 weeks Ava would ask me if “the package” had arrived. Finally, on day 15, it did. 

In what was likely the quickest turnaround of all-time, Ava disappeared momentarily then reappeared in our kitchen like this:

1 Ear Giraffe

Notice anything peculiar? At first, neither did we but if you look closely you’ll notice the giraffe has no right ear. If you refer back to the first picture, you can see the girl is actually holding the giraffe by the ears. Apparently, they didn’t try that with this one.

Attempting to avoid a catastrophic meltdown (likely felt where you are now), I assured Ava that I would contact Amazon and was confident they would resolve the issue in short order. 

Below are the series of email exchanges between myself and customer service.

Beginning with this request for return:

 Item: LATH.PIN Unisex Costume Animal Cosplay Onesie Adult Pajamas Anime Cartoon Sleepwear Medium, Giraffe
> Qty: 1
> Return reason: Defective/Does not work properly
> Customer comments: Arrived with only one ear and appears to have been created
  that way. My daughter is quite upset and doesn't want
  to wait several weeks again for a new one to be delivered

Reply received:

Dear customer, we have received your return request. We are so sorry you received
damaged item. You don't need to return the item, you can keep it. We will make a
full refund for you tomorrow. Could you please kindly send us the photo of the
one ear giraffe. We will send it to our QC. Thank you very much.
Please feel to contact us if you have any problem, thanks again.
 Have a nice day.

That’s great.. I don’t even have to return the item, they’re just going to ‘take care of the customer’ and refund my purchase price. Still, Ava really wants a fully functional giraffe so I sent the picture I posted above along with this reply:

Thank You for your prompt response and offer to keep item and refund amount paid.
I have attached a pic on the 1 ear giraffe. Will the anticipated 2 ear version
be sent? My daughter prefers her giraffes to not be hearing impaired..

Not long after I received this reply:

Dear customer, thank you for your photo. We will send a new one to you tomorrow.
We will send you the new tracking number later. Thank you very much.

As I often say…

The True Test of Customer Service

This is another great example of customer service recovery done right and why continues to earn my business and accolades.

Make a Great Day!

Steve 🙂

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Breakfast, Lunch & Hugs: Service with a Smile at Tim’s Place

Every so often (and certainly not often enough) I come across a story of extraordinary customer service that makes me want to jump up and cheer.

Last summer I posted such a story about  Mr. Willie, “The Best Walmart Greeter Ever”, and how his enthusiasm and optimism created a legion of fans among his customers and co-workers. See Put Some “BAM” In Your Customer Service! for more on Mr. Willie. 

Today, I’m posting another inspiring story of extraordinary service. This is the story of Tim Harris, owner of Tim’s Place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Tim is the only restaurant owner in the country with Down’s Syndrome and if there were ever a great example of a human being maximizing their extra chromosome it is this man.

One view of his morning “Magic Dance” to kick-off each day and you’ll know that Tim has that rare and remarkable Zip In His Do Da that separates ordinary from extraordinary service providers.

I hope Tim’s story inspires you to put that little extra in your customer service and, if so, I encourage you to share Tim’s story with others.


Make a Great Day!

Steve 🙂

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