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Is serving customers exceptionally well a true priority at your business?

Ever buy a good product and get lousy service? I bet you have. When you get poor service at a restaurant, as an example, the food doesn’t taste as good and your view of the business is downgraded.

Much of the problems created by poor customer service can be resolved by hiring people with a good attitude and pleasing personality before you tell them they need both on the job.

All too often employees go thru the motions without their head and heart committed to providing the quality of service that customers fondly remember, rave about, and return because of. Serving customers exceptionally well is not especially important to these disengaged employees.

Beyond hiring and training your customer service staff properly, leadership must constantly promote the proper customer-focused culture and communicate the importance of service excellence as a key driver of the businesses success.

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Served Without Service


In my recent article, Rise of the Machines: Competing With Robots and Other Automated Adversaries, I wrote about the challenges traditional retailers face against businesses that rely on automation as their primary customer interface. 

Well now a new restaurant in San Francisco, Eatsa, is embracing the machines revolution with their almost fully automated eating establishment. 

As shown in this nifty The Robo Restaurant slideshow customers order, pay and receive their food all without any human interaction. There are no counters or servers present. Orders are taken on an iPad and food appears in a cubby located behind transparent LCD screens. 

The end of the world as we know it? No, there are plenty of restaurants doing just fine with their old-fashioned human-to-human service. 

But this is another eye-opening example of how technology is replacing the human interface and changing the face of customer service.

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Tony Robbin’s on Millimeter Shifts

In my Pinnacle Performance sales/customer service/professional development training, I teach clients that that they typically don’t have to do a major overhaul and change everything they’re doing to achieve superior results. Rather, they need to assess their personal performance and consistently make small changes in their behaviors and execution. It is these small changes that when compounded day-by-day can produce BIG RESULTS.

This short clip from Tony Robbins is very much in line with that principle. Here he speaks about how “millimeter shifts” can dramatically improve your outlook and performance.

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Workplace FUN Tips!

Why are so many market-leading companies also the best places to work? Because they know happiness matters and they create a culture of fun in the workplace that improves employee morale and productivity.

Here’s a amusing little video on some silly things you could do to have some fun in your workplace…

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