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Pinnacle Performance Rides Exceeds 1 Million Views!

Good Day Folks,

As confessed on my Pinnacle Performance Rides page, and those in the know know, I’m a UGE ‘car guy’ enthusiast with a passion for all things automotive, especially high-performance… Musclecars, Supercars, Hot Rods, Custom Motorcycles, anything with wheels that goes Zoom and looks great doing it!

I mean come on.. who can resist the epic sweetness of this:

1967 Ford Mustang Pro-Touring 2

or this..

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

don’t even get me started with…

1930 Ford Hot Rod

Specializing in the automotive industry as a trainer, speaker, writer and consultant I’ve been fortunate to attend industry events all over No. America with like-minded auto enthusiasts,  with the spectacular SEMA Show being my personal favorite hands down!

So then yesterday rolled around and, recreationally-speaking, it was a BIG day as I was notified by my Stats page on Flickr (shown below) that My Photostream of car pics has now exceeded 1 Million views!


That’s Amazingly Awesome and, because auto enthusiasts are apparently really good at sharing, these pics have also become some of the most popular car pics on Pinterest as well > Pinnacle Performance Rides on Pinterest

So Pinnacle Performance is alive and well in the auto enthusiast world!

And, for that, I THANK YOU!

Steve 🙂

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