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Using Psychology to Win More Customers

For many years now I’ve been training clients and speaking to organizations saying “If you want to know how to sell more, than you better know why customer’s buy”. In fact, I produced this nifty image quote now blasting through cyberspace some time ago:

If You Want To Know How To Sell More

Prior to my explanation, most folks think of the fundamental elements of customer engagement – things like being likable, projecting a positive attitude, providing personalized service, having empathy, etc. While these are certainly all essential elements of proper customer service, there are even more gains to be had by also focusing on what is happening behind the scenes when consumers go shopping for your products and/or services.

This where behavioral psychology comes in to play. I’ve been quite fascinated by behavioral psychology’s application in consumer marketing and influencing buying behavior and have recommended many good books on the topic over the years, notably Daniel Pink’s Drive, Martin Lindstrom’s Buyology and, my personal favorite, Robert B. Cialdini’s Influence. Great stuff!

Well now the fine folks at Help Scout have put together the “10 Ways to Convert More Customers Using Psychology” infographic below highlighting ten powerful behavioral psychology principles that influence consumers buying behavior and can help you turn more shoppers into buyers.


If you like this infographic, you’ll love the longer version found here > Well worth the read!

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