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Pinnacle Performance Rides

So… you’re a Pinnacle Performer, right? Then you’re going to need a Pinnacle Performance Ride!

As a a UGE ‘car guy’ enthusiast with a passion for all things automotive, especially american muscle machines and supercars, I have quite a few recommendations for you.

As an example, wouldn’t this outrageous Ferrari LaFerrari look just dandy in your driveway?

Ferrari LaFerrari (2)

Here’s a few of my sunny day toys:

’79 Pontiac T/A. Owned since 1985. 60K original miles on body. -5K on drivetrain. Pro-built 455. A real Hot Wheels car.

See feature story on > Your-Ride-1979-Pontiac-Firebird-Trans-Am

’68 Camaro RS 327. Rotisserie restored gem.

’98 Corvette Custom

See all of Steve’s Pinnacle Performance Rides on Flickr >

Over 10 million views and growing daily!

Comments on: "Pinnacle Performance Rides" (6)

  1. Rick Schaefer said:

    Love the black ’79 T/A. I have a red ’81 T/A, now with a strong 400 and beefed up T350 to go with the WS6 drive train option. Really like the custom wheels on your ’79, can you tell me where you acquired them?

  2. Still looking for a low mileage C5Z?

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