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Unless you are somehow fortunate enough to have a one-of-a-kind product and/or no competition in your market space, then being remarkable matters.

As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with advertising and marketing messages. Precious few of those messages make it through all the noise and stand out in our minds. They’re unremarkable.

As I wrote about in How to Fail in Your Business, Consumer research has shown that approximately seven out of 10 customers leave a business because of indifference. They feel like “just another transaction” and have no emotional engagement with the business.

As your potential customers shop around with very little to distinguish one business from the next, they naturally default to the cheapest price for the product or service they’re seeking. Losing on price or discounting is perhaps the single biggest consequence businesses suffer for being unremarkable.

While every business is capable of being remarkable, only a small minority actually achieve it. The majority play it safe, stick to the norm, and deliver ordinary unremarkable customer experiences.

Always Remember…

Most businesses are perceived as ordinary and this contributes greatly to the ordinary (unremarkable) results they typically realize.

The fact is, nothing perceived as ordinary is ever valued as something special.

As I wrote in Would You Buy You?, YOU have a choice in the way you perceive yourself, manage yourself and, ultimately, sell yourself to others.

So ask yourself, is our business truly remarkable? How do we look, sound and feel from the customers point-of-view? Do we stand out in a positive way or do we simply blend in and fade away as just another (fill in your business type) in our market?

Here’s a great example of a business (Ember) that is standing out with not only an innovative product but a remarkable ad for that product.

At the end of the day, a business’s success is largely determined by it’s ability to stand out from it’s competitors and attract more customers. Being unremarkable just won’t cut it.

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