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We’ve all heard the expression “leading by example”.  This popular phrase is most often used when referring to managers and leadership executives of an organization but it also applies to every member of a sales, customer service department or organization in general.

A few points to ponder…

Are you maintaining a proper positive attitude all-day while on-the-job?

Employees who are constantly negative tend to contaminate their environment and bring everyone else down with them.

Are your actions bringing to life your business’s customer service mission in each and every customer interaction?

Service representatives with no PRIDE that don’t live up to their business’s customer service pledges and demonstrate poor behaviors set the stage for their counterparts to do the same.

Are you putting in 100% effort regardless of what others in your organization may be doing?

Salespeople on teams where everyone else is failing to meet their numbers tend to adopt a “it’s not me, it’s everyone” mentality and settle into a comfort zone of mediocrity.

Are you the setting the example that inspires others to follow?

On the flip-side, when an “A Player” sets the bar with their winning attitude and behaviors this typically has a positive effect that influences others to raise their own game and perform at a higher level.

The fact is you are an example to others as they are to you.  Whether you are a good example or not is up to you.


Make a Great Day!

Steve 🙂

You Are An Example also applies perfectly to parenting and although that’s a whole other story it’s well worth mentioning here!

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