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Monday Motivation: Push Yourself & Hustle!

Got the Monday blues? Having a difficult time re-focusing on work after a weekend of summer recreational activities?

Well you’re certainly not alone. Countless sales and service professionals have trouble getting out of first gear on Monday mornings, summertime or not. 

That slow start often results in a weak finish and, in any event, is not the best way to position yourself for a winning week.

So let’s put the kibosh on that right here and now!


Push Yourself



Make a Great Day!

Steve 🙂

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Monday Motivation: You’re The Pilot

It’s true.. time does indeed fly by. As a 40-something, I’m utterly amazed every time I hear that 1990’s music has somehow become “Classic Rock”!  

All too often well-meaning folks set well-meaning goals and then time goes by, life gets in the way, and those goals get postponed or fade away. 

High-achievers, those ‘Pinnacle Performers’, maximize their performance and results by effectively managing their time.

There is only so much time to be had and all of it will go by.. quickly.

You can spend your time wisely and advance or poorly and stay where you’re at or decline.

The time is yours.. you’re the pilot.


Make a Great Day!

Steve 🙂


Keep Moving Forward


Lauren Hill: Never Give Up

This is a very special Monday Morning Motivation in honor of a very special person…

Lauren Hill: Never Give Up

There will be plenty of baskets made this basketball season. None will be more meaningful then the two baskets made by Lauren Hill at the Division III women’s basketball opener yesterday in the Cintas Center at Xavier University.

If you don’t know Lauren’s story, start here > Facing death, Lauren Hill teaches us life lessons

Ironic, isn’t it? You can learn a lot about life from somebody who’s dying.

Our ‘gift’ >  Doc: Lauren Hill threw the party; we got the gifts

Pinnacle Performance is about being the best and the very best never give up, even in the face of adversity.

Lauren Hill is a true Pinnacle Performer and her “Never Give Up” attitude is an inspiration to us all.

Lauren Hill Never Give Up

Support Lauren Hill to benefit The Cure Starts Now @

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