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Santa Claus Is…

As you’re likely aware, there’s a large jolly fellow in a red suit coming to town soon. As usual, Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice this year and, with the rather remarkable record-keeping tracked by his trusty team of elves back at the North Pole HQ, your presents in his sleigh (or lack thereof) will reflect his character assessment. 

Not sure how you fared this year? 

A great place to start is in the mirror with a comparison of yourself against the Santa Claus profile (in image below) as published in 1912 by Edwin Osgood Grover in The Book of Santa Claus.

I believe there is a Santa Claus in all of us, some folks just need to adjust their self-focus to see him. After-all, like proper sales and customer service, true Christmas spirit is not really about us; it’s about helping and giving to others. 

Ho Ho Ho!


Comments on: "Santa Claus Is…" (3)

  1. Mary Thorvaldsen said:

    Merry Christmas, Steve! Hope you are well 🙂

  2. atatum2014 said:

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY STEVE. May the Spirit of Giving Last All Year Long. It’s the only way to be. Aloha…. Anita =)

  3. atatum2014 said:

    And Thank you for the reminder of What Christmas is All About. The LOVE, The MEMORIES WE SHARE and the SPIRIT OF GIVING!!

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