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Nothing Is Impossible

Time for some Wednesday Wisdom..

Every single day people face challenges at work and life in general. If today is not your day, perhaps it will be tomorrow.

Some folks are better dealing with and overcoming these challenges. While the average person is often stopped by a difficult challenge, a high-achiever typically views the same challenge as an obstacle they must (and will) overcome to reach their goal and succeed.

As I have said many times to my Pinnacle Performance students, either the obstacle wins or you do.

Enter the Armless Archer..

Mark Stutzman is a remarkable human being and a true Pinnacle Performer. Born without arms, he has never let his ‘disability’ hinder his ability to succeed. 

As Mark wrote on his websiteimpossible is a state of mind.

Have a look at Mark in action on the video below and then give some serious thought to those obstacles you’ve considered too great to conquer.  

So.. what’s your excuse?

Nothing Is Impossible

Make a Great Day!


Comments on: "Nothing Is Impossible" (3)

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  2. Wow! Clearly there are no setbacks he won’t find a way to overcome. Inspirational!

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