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Good Day All,

How true this next Pinnacle Performance quote is…

Executing extraordinary work puts your stamp of excellence and leaves a lasting impression with customers and co-workers.

Make a Great Day!

Steve 🙂

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Comments on: "Autograph Your Work With Excellence!" (2)

  1. I recently been to one of you speakings Very informational to me. I have used you ideas but it back fired on me by them feeling threatened by me.

    I am very smart and exp person that has a habit of playing dumb because being smart never gets me any where. Example i have skills in accounting, management, sales, customer service etc… but i cant find a place that will hire me without feeling threatened by me

    I am currently working some where i know i can get a better position cause of my exp but afraid to say something. Cause of the problems speaking up in the past.

    Your advice/help needed please

    Thank You

    • Steve Ferrante, Grand Poobah, Sale Away LLC. said:

      Hi there Arthur,

      If you’re threatening people (as you say you are) remember Stephen Covey’s principle for highly effective people; People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

      Doesn’t matter how smart (or dumbed down) you are if people don’t sense you personally care for them and/or the business at hand.

      Most people answer that with “sure I care” or similar. That’s great but thems just words as they say. You must demonstrate personal care by your actions.

      You sound like you have great skills. Show whoever you’re dealing with know how you can help them with those.

      May The Sales Force Be With You!

      Steve 🙂

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