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Shine to Rise!

As a long-standing resident of Earth, no doubt you’re familiar with the expression “Rise & Shine”. 

Well I’m here to set the record straight once and for all…

The expression  has been bantered about likely as long as folks have been sleeping, a very long time indeed.

In the literal sense, “Rise and Shine” means ‘get  your butt out of bed and be lively and energetic’!

So, are most folks doing that? More personally, are YOU doing that? If you’ve been going somewhere you’re not particularly enthused about after you rise then probably not.

Sadly, countless companies across the globe are populated by the walking dead… zombie employees dragging themselves through the day. All rise, no shine.

Often, the problem stems from a losing corporate culture that could certainly benefit from my recent article > Eight Great Practices for Creating a Winning Team Corporate Culture

And, with regards to high “Pinnacle Performance” achievement, the expression itself is backwards…

One does not merely rise and shine.

A testament to this, I was rising for years and wasn’t shining very much if at all.

To truly shine,  you must first be excellent at what you do. Once you master your craft you will ‘shine’  and, once you do, you will most certainly rise to higher levels of success.

So don’t rise and shine… Shine and Rise!

You Need To Shine To Rise

Make a Great Day!

Steve 🙂

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