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John Wooden’s MAXIMS

Wooden Headshot

As my Pinnacle Performance clients well know, John Wooden is one of my all-time favorite inspirational figures, leaders/mentors from outside of the business world. He passed away 4 months shy of his 100th birthday in June 2010.

Simply put, John Wooden was the greatest coach in collegiate basketball history with a winning record second to no one.  As the head coach, he led UCLA to 10 NCAA national championships in a 12-year period – including 7 in a row – a feat never achieved before or since. Within the same period, he coached a record 88 consecutive wins and was named “coach of the year” six times. He is also the first and still only person ever inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as both a player (for Purdue) and as a coach.

As remarkably impressive as all that is, it is how he trained his players and built winning teams that truly sets him apart as one of the greatest mentors of all time. Coach Wooden believed that if players were going to be winners on the court then they also needed to be winners off the court.

The “Pyramid of Success” below was the cornerstone of his teachings and features building-block principles that we all can apply to achieve Pinnacle Performance on the job and life in general.

Wooden Success Pyramid

John Wooden was beloved by his players for his “maxims” – short, simple inspirational messages that made players think about what they were doing today and how they could be better tomorrow like this one on the Pyramid sheet:

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.”

Click-On the links below to view the original posts of more of John Wooden’s Maxims

 Make Each Day Your Masterpiece!

Make Masterpiece Wooden

 It’s What You Learn After You Know It All That Counts

Wooden On Learning

Do Not Let What You Cannot Do Interfere With What You Can Do

Do Not Let What You Cannot Do Interfere With What You Can Do

Be Quick, But Don’t Hurry

Wooden Be Quick But Don't Hurry

Never Mistake Activity for Achievement

Never Mistake Activity For Achievement

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out

Thing Turn Out Best - John Wooden

Make a Great Day!

Steve 🙂

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