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Santa Claus Is..

As you’re likely aware, there’s a large jolly fellow in a red suit coming to town soon. As usual, he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice this year and, with rather remarkable record-keeping tracked by his team of trusty elves back at the North Pole HQ, your presents in his sleigh will reflect this disposition. 

Not sure how you fared this year? 

A great place to start is in the mirror with a comparison of yourself against the Santa Claus profile (in image below) as published in 1912 by Edwin Osgood Grover in The Book of Santa Claus.  

Santa Claus Is

There is a Santa Claus in all of us, some just need to adjust their self-focus to see him. After-all, like proper sales and customer service, true Christmas spirit is not really about us; it’s about helping and giving to others. 

Ho Ho Ho

Steve 🙂  

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  1. Last night I went to ROSS Dress for Less to do my Christmas shopping. After several hours, I had a cart overflowing with gifts. It was my turn at the register and as I was unloading my gifts, I glanced back at the waiting line to see a cute little 9 year girl clutching an oversized wallet and carrying a bag full of items. A gold elephant trunk was sticking out of the bag. I comment at how cute and pretty the trunk looked. She smiled back proudly.
    It was now her turn to the register next to me. She carefully pulled out the Gold Elephant and placed it on the counter followed by two bath towels. Her total came to $41.67. She opened up her wallet and took out 2 crisp $20 bills. She fished around her empty wallet and pulled out a penny and asked the cashier if they took pennies. I could see the look on the cashiers face knowing that the little girl didn’t have enough money on her. She had planned it so well. The 3 items totaled $40. She didn’t plan on the tax. After all… she was only nine and was there shopping by herself. (No one asked, but I was curious)
    Seeing all of this, I leaned forward to the cashier and asked, “What was her total?” The cashier said,”$41.67.”
    Without hesitation, I pulled out the $1.67 and placed it on the counter and said,”There, now you have enough money.” She was still beaming and I’m guessing because she was in the store surprising her mom with a special gift for Christmas.
    The two cashiers Thanked me and I said,”It’s Christmas, we all need to be giving this time of year.” YES…There needs to be a Santa in all of us.
    Merry Christmas to You and your family!

    • Steve Ferrante, Grand PooBah, Sale Away LLC. said:

      Great example of harnessing Christmas spirit and your inner Santa!

      Merry Christmas to you and yours too!

      Steve 🙂

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